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BattleTanks II 1.0
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File Size: 15.5 Mb

BattleTanks II 1.0

Requirements:Pentium III 700 MHZ or later, DirectX 7.0 or later, 3D graphics card (optional but recommended)
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

BattleTanks II - Sometimes you run across a game that just makes you say "Wow". Battle Tanks II is one of these. The effects, graphics, sound scheme, fluidity of gameplay, and design of this game is simply astounding! On the main menu, you choose whether to play a quick game (no setup options) or a normal game where you can choose the landscape, difficulty, aiming method, game stlye, etc. You can also head over to the extensive Options menu to adjust the effects level, sound/music volume, and more.

List of Changes:

Version 1.0 from 2007-01-26


Download Now
File Size: 15.5 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Aj Laarman 2009-06-16 22:00:31 #
Version: 1.0

I thought this game is awesome! It is super simple to play, very intuitive, and a tiny file to download. The one and only thing it's missing is a multiplayer aspect. It could be the next rave if you added that feature. Let me know when you do!

Williampenkler 2009-06-12 13:26:32 #
Version: 1.0

For its size this game is brilliant, gameplay is smooth etc etc. However, the way the tanks just blow up is a bit ridiculous. A shell should at least remain behind in memory of the encounter.

The AI difficulties could also be improved on, as I played on veteran the for my first time and never lost a game.

What makes any game is playing against other humans. This game would be classic over a network!

Good work to whoever programmed it all, and I'm sure I have heard the voice commands in another game...

Ano209-acrobat 2009-03-04 11:38:46 #
Version: 1.0

sophisticated 3D game 100% free

Couldn't believe such a sophisticated 3D game was 100% free.
Thank you / GamesTrend

Anthony.nic 2009-02-24 17:49:21 #
Version: 1.0


Great game. My children and i love it.

Duncan 2009-01-03 11:17:49 #
Version: 1.0

Very good game

I download this game as I wanted some simple ammusment that also had the elements of a 'Shoot em up' combined with a lttle straegy. This has it all and is great fun, highly recomended

Gsbyers 2008-12-26 10:58:58 #
Version: 1.0

Battle Tanks 2

Battle Tanks 2 is a easy to learn game and quite fun. I downloaded the game for my son to play and found myself drawn in to the gameplay i.e. tactics,targeting etc.

The graphics are somewhat low end but what do you expect for the price? The game maps are explorable and all areas driveable.

Mvjimnolan 2008-12-21 19:56:44 #
Version: 1.0

No big deal

I found it with little real challenge just drive around and blow things up

Aionwarrior 2008-12-11 16:56:53 #
Version: 1.0


BattleTanks II is simply Amazing .. the Music and cinetics capture the Spirit of a true Battle of Tanks .. I am an Player with many Kilometers in my curriculum , and i say BatteTanks is Special. I love it ..! Thankyou for this Great Game .. I would like BT become Online .. It is Possible ...?

Abutler 2008-11-16 07:20:48 #
Version: 1.0

Simple fast pace fun

A simple game but very fast pace. Loads of fun.

Zbarata 2008-08-26 02:56:28 #
Version: 1.0


it's a good and entertaining games... my son very like it

Tom.t.hilliar 2008-08-19 05:18:16 #
Version: 1.0

Great fun - run out already

I'm already online looking for more maps. Who would've thought a freebie would be so addictive. Already want more!

Thannks guys!

Mark 2008-06-15 21:19:03 #
Version: 1.0

Great Team Simulation, Enjoyable Game Playing

I downloaded the game for me and my family to play. My kids wanted to know about tanks and this was a great introduction. The game play was realistic without being gory. It is a fun game with a really good 'first play' experience. It is the type of game that you can play right after install, then learn more as you play.

Ghoste 2008-06-06 15:39:20 #
Version: 1.0

Brilliant tank game!!

What a super little game. Primarily I downloaded it for my girlfriend's eight-year old son to play, being as he is tank crazy - but I can't stop playing it myself! Please bring out a BT III version ASAP! Many thanks to all concerned!

EZH 2007-11-28 15:59:52 #
Version: 1.0

Battle Tanks Review

This is a decent game that is fun at first, but get boring fairly quickly. It would be better if there were more scenarios and more options that you could have the tanks perform. Having infantry/misslie launchers/ helicopters w/ anti tank missiles stationed in the mountains, Anti-tank traps/mines would be cool. It just is missing that something extra that would create tension and addiction!

Guilherme Schroeter 2007-09-03 20:59:26 #
Version: 1.0

Dear Mr

I search for years for a interesting tank game, and I found in yours interesting!

Only I thinq goes to fast and over, when the person start enjoy it.
What I search is one kind of game that mix the graphics of panzer commander, panzer elite and steal beast, with easy arcade, so that means is easy drive de tank and attack the others, and also one easy game editor so we can create maps etc.

For a free game this is (and also Ironhero) is one the best tnak freeware games I found in internet. But I continue searching. if you know some gam you suggest in that direction please write to rachmaninnov at and let me know the web adress to me buy it


Download Now
File Size: 15.5 Mb